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History of Bob’s Grill

“The transformation of Bob’s grill as we know it today actually began in 1953. It was when Bob realized that the kitchen was too small and he wanted to expand the menu to accommodate customers that deserved a great place to have a dinner with their families. Bob’s has reinvented itself compared to selling Hot Dogs for a nickel and Hamburgers for 15 cents at his father’s concession stand.
The original concession stand was located at 9th street and the Boardwalk. The Harbaugh family lived behind the business which gave Bob Harbaugh Jr the opportunity to observe his father’s work ethics and the daily operations of running a business at a very early age
After serving during the Korean War and returning home in Sept of 1952 Bob senior encouraged Bob Jr to operate the family beach stand located at 17th St. However after having spent four years on the OCBP at 14th St, Bob Jr was aware that the more popular beach was 14th street. Bob Jr asked his father instead to purchase the beach stand at 14th St, which he did. After, one rainy summer and very few hot dogs sold Bob Jr realized that they should be on the boardwalk where people would gather regardless of the weather. Today this is BOB’s Grill famous for breakfast. Breakfast was not always on the menu this came about when a large group of vacationers he knew asked where they could have breakfast. Well, Bob’s entrepreneurial spirit could not resist so he went in the kitchen and cooked breakfast himself. People took notice and Bob’s became the place to be for friends to meet for

breakfast. If you are walking down the boardwalk in the summer you cannot miss it, the bicycles are parked everywhere in front of Bob’s, it looks more like Amsterdam.
The popularity of Bob’s required that it be expanded three times in five years. Breakfast became so popular that in one single morning 1,276 breakfasts were served and in one season 8,300 Omelet’s were served.
Eventually the old school method of hand written checks was replaced with
a computerized point of sale system in order to handle the demand and eliminate the cooks from interpreting the hand writing of the waitresses.
As well as an extensive breakfast menu Bob’s has always served Lunch and Dinner. In the beginning the dinner menu was basic fried chicken, hot roast beef and grilled cheese, we served so many grilled cheese that they were pre-prepped and stacked up to the ceiling.
After the last expansion of the kitchen the menu also expanded. The menu contains something for everyone fresh turkey, homemade crab cakes, Greek salad, Cobb salad, chef salad, Philadelphia cheese steaks also offered with chicken, Pizza which is made with the quality cheese that compares to Pizza in Italy, by the slice or the pie with all the toppings you can think of they even offer a Pizza made with broccoli and chicken, beach fare classics Hot dogs and Hamburgers and a children’s menu. The food is consistent in its quality which is what keeps customers coming back year after year, we give them what they expect says Bob Harbaugh.

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