Fresh Hot Donuts Have Arrived at 14th Street and the Boardwalk

Bob's Breakfast Express & Donut Shop

We are very pleased to announce that Fresh Hot donuts have now arrived at 14th street and the boardwalk in Ocean City New Jersey. Located next to Bob’s Grill. You might have to wait since if you want them hot, they are made to order, but it’s worth every bite!

Our crunchy heavenly bliss donuts are made right before your very eyes. Watch our machine as the dough is loaded and our donuts travel upstream as they turn golden brown and then pop out the other side ready to be Dressed. You can have your doughnut with Honey glaze, Vanilla or Chocolate icing with or without sprinkles, powdered, plain or the crowd favorite Cinnamon and Sugar.

One of the last affordable items on the boardwalk, a hot fresh donut is $1 and 6 for $5 (tax included)

We open at 7:00 am and serve until 10pm. At 5 pm we begin offering scrumptious sweet HOT mini doughnuts, smothered in Cinnamon and Sugar ½ dozen is $3 and a dozen is $6.

We also offer, Bacon, Pork roll, or sausage with egg and cheese Breakfast Sandwiches, FRESH SQUEEZED Lemonade, cold drinks, hot coffee and Bob’s full menu for take out to the beach.

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